Rhett House Inn Cottage Accommodation

Rents Daily and Monthly
The Rhett House Inn Cottages are located right across the street from the Main House. Here guests can have a more modern feel with still the historic charm. There are 7 rooms located over at the cottages, including the pet friendly room. Each room offers its own private entrance from the outside, with its own sitting area. The cottages also have their own fountain that guests can sit at and relax in the shade. These rooms cannot accommodate more than 2 adults per room (children over 12 are considered an adult).

There are 3 rooms located on the ground level of the cottages: Room 11 (our pet friendly room), Room 12, and Room 14. Both Room 11 and 12 are kings, while 14 is a queen room.

There are 4 rooms upstairs at the cottages: Room 15, Room 16, Room 17 and Room 18. Room 15, 16, and 18 are all kings, while room 17 is a queen. Room 17 and Room 18 have their own parking spots behind the cottages. *There is no elevator to get to the upper cottages, and there are about 15 stairs to get to the upper level.

During March, April, May, September and October there is a two-night minimum on the weekends. During holiday weekends there is also a two-night minimum.