Rhett House Inn Wedding Venue Policies

We look forward to hosting your wedding at the Rhett House Inn. Please note that the Rhett House Inn is strictly an event facility and does not provide planning services. We can, however, suggest local approved vendors for your occasion.

Venue Fees: Our venue rental fee for events with fewer than 100 guests is $2,000. The fee for events with 100 guests and more is $3,000.

Inn Room Rental Requirement: We require a minimum inn room rental for weddings held at the Rhett House Inn. Events with fewer than 50 guests require 10 room minimum for two nights. Events with more than 50 guests require a 17 room minimum for two nights.

Event Coordination: The Rhett House inn requires a professional event planner for weddings held at the Inn. Our onsite event coordinator will work with your event planner to arrange your event. If you do not have a wedding planner, we can suggest preferred local planners.

To have someone contact you about planning your wedding at The Rhett House Inn or to schedule a site visit, please fill out this form.

We respect your privacy. All the information you provide will be treated as confidential. Please note some items are required.

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