The romantic historic Rhett House Inn has been the backdrop for many gorgeous weddings who’s photos have appeared in national publications.

Two types of weddings are available at the Inn.

Intimate Wedding Package

Our intimate wedding package is designed for small weddings with no more than 20 people. To have a wedding at the Rhett House Inn you must provide everything yourself. The couple must provide caterers, staff, clean up, flowers, cake, and tents themselves. They also must have a wedding planner to coordinate everything that must be done. We do not have the staff or a wedding planner as we have other guests. No other people will be allowed on the property other than the guest staying here for the wedding.


Wedding must take place between the 12 noon and 2:00pm any day of the week.

If the wedding wants to rent out the whole inn we require a 50% deposit to hold the block. This deposit is refundable. When people start booking the rooms we can start issuing refunds for the rooms booked. 1 month prior to check in we will start releasing the rooms that have not sold, and give you back the deposit for those rooms that have not sold. If you wish to keep holding the rooms within the 1 month until check in, the deposit will become NON-Refundable. This means the rooms that have not sold by the check in date, we will keep the deposit.